upcoming virtual shows:

           (These shows will stream online only) 


                                                                    Saturday    5:00 PM    November 20th, 2021      "It's about TV!"    

Email me your favorite TV Themes! Like: "I Love Lucy", "Charlie Brown", "MASH", etc. Tell me your name along with where your from and send you song request to nicole@nicolepesce.com on or before November 12th to have your song featured in the show! 


Saturday - 5:00 PM       December 18th, 2021         "It's About Celebrating"  

What's your FAVORITE song to celebrate to? Please send me "ONE" request along with your name and where you're from to have your favorite song about "Celebrating" played during the show! Email your request to: nicole@nicolepesce.com and I'll "celebrate" with you on 12/18!


(Please note that all these shows will stream at "Arizona" Time)